Friday, 11 September 2015

Three types of love in one quilt

Whilst in the midst of binding Big Momma last week, I had a horrible moment of realisation - a colleague at work was getting married this weekend and I hadn't finished her quilt. I hadn't even started it. Oops.

Normally when doing a wedding quilt I would focus on bright colours, brilliant whites etc. But this bride is a little different - she's the epitome of quiet, understated style and elegance. Neon colours and over complicated patterns wouldn't work here. 

Instead I turned to my stash and unearthed a layer cake of Little Black Dress 2 by Basic Grey for a Moda. A bit more digging unearthed some grey quilt backing, a few additional monochrome fat quarters from my Leah Day quilt along of last year. I even had some grey Isacord thread. I was ready to go.

They combined with the Moda Love quilt pattern and I have to confess I think it looks great. 

I quilted an all over feather and swirl pattern on the quilt but three quarters of the way through - disaster struck.

Oh sugar. It was Saturday afternoon and none of my local stores were both (a) open and (b) sold Isacord. Panic! The quilt had to be finished by Friday lunchtime. 

Happily I found a local store that was open on the Tuesday. TC Threads ( in Hucknall sells embroidery threads to both commercial and retail and sold me two new 1000m spools for £2.58. That's $3.98. Not each, but for both.  Wow! I know where I'm getting my thread from in the future! 

Hopefully the bride will love her Little Black Dress inspired Moda Love quilt as much as she loves her fiancé. And I'm suffering from new thread shop love! I know, it's cupboard love I know but I love my thread cupboard...


  1. Wow what a finish to get done so quickly. It has turned out beautifully - your colleague is very lucky!

  2. You can never go wrong with a little black dress!