Friday, 26 June 2015

A finish: is that a blue moon?!

A finish. An actual, honest-to-God finish. Actually if I'm going to be picky, it's actually two finishes.

Firstly the flannel cheats cathedral window playmat.

And then the big finish of the secret project - the animodals quilt. 

This involved 72 drunkards path blocks in a variety of Kona solids. Plus a good couple of days quilting.

I thought the drunkards path blocks would be more painful to piece (my Curve Master foot turned up the day after I pieced the last block) but actually they weren't too bad. I didn't manage to sew them without pins but I did manage to get it down to just three pins by the end. 

I tried embroidering the little noses, eyes and feet on but after one attempt I found it produced rather unsatisfactory results instead I used little 3/4" circles of fabric with iron on interfacing and then hand-stitched them down. Again it took much less time than I expected. 

One of my perfectly mitred corners has developed a little winkle but apart from that they're perfect. A little like the intended recipient of both quilt and play mat. Hopefully she'll have received them by the time this is posted. In which case I better get them in the post quick!


  1. Just love your animal quilt, what a clever pattern.

    1. Thanks but I can't take all the credit. The block design mirrors the designs of an Italian company by the name of Animodals.

  2. This quilt is so cute! Clever!