Friday, 9 October 2015

Putting on my shoes

Next on my list of "oh good grief, I'm so ridiculously behind" projects were the September and October blocks from the GenX Quilter's Moccasin block of the month project.

Although these blocks are 9.5" square, I seem to wizz through the cutting of them a lot quicker than some of the smaller 6" blocks from the Moda Building Blocks and Farm Girl Vintage projects. Perhaps because there's only 7 or 8 fabrics in total in Moccasin?

Here's the September blocks.

And then the October blocks (a bit cropped).

I love the neat, bright contrast of these blocks and am a little sad that, after next month, we're all done!

Finally, I'm adding a plea to all my October blog posts this month and it's aimed at any quilting Vermonters (Vermontees? People of Vermont?) out there. As you may know, I'm gradually visiting all 50 states and this November I'm visiting Vermont. As well as visiting various tourist attractions I'm also hoping to do a bit of quilt shopping. Can anyone recommend a quilt shop? Or anything else for that matter!?

Just in case anyone is about to say I'm missing the awesome fall colours by not visiting now (and I'm sure they are absolutely gorgeous) - this is the view I see out of my bedroom window every day.

I live in Sherwood Forest (alleged home of Robin Hood) so have beautiful woodland views every day.

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