Friday, 16 October 2015

Gravity is catching up with me

Or rather, I'm catching up with the Gravity quilt. In all other aspects I think gravity is winning...gulp.

I've powered my way through the two Eclipe blocks, which come in blue and yellow/ochre colour ways. Here's the yellow one.

Although there are two partial seams in each block, the blocks come together fairly quickly and easily provided that you leave a big enough "gap" for finishing off the seam. I think Julie from Jaybird Quilts recommends leaving a 1/2" gap; I confess I left at least 1" if not more.

I've found that the big risk with partial seams is that the two parts of the seam don't match up and lay flat. Maybe this problem is exaccerbated by the larger gap I leave but I'd rather have too much wiggle room rather than too little.

When I come to complete the seam at the end, if I sew from the edge of the pieces back in towards the partial seam (i.e. I'm heading back towards the point where I left off the seam when I first sewed it) I risk not meeting the end of my partial seam exactly and creating a buckle in the fabric. I've found that starting the partial seam from the middle and sewing out to the edge works better for me but you lot probably do that, right?! I'm so slow.

Voyage comes in blue and orange colour ways, of which I've only completed the blue so far. 

No partial seams in this one, just lots of points to match! As usual I'm using a long basting stitch to sew the seam and check that my points match perfectly. If they don't, I pull the basting stitches out, adjust, rebaste and then check again. Once everything matches up perfectly, I sew the seam again using a 2.0 stitch length and then pull out the superfluous basting stitch.

Once I've finished the orange version of Voyage, I still have to cut and piece the monochrome setting triangles which finish off the quilt and piece the top. And then there's the bonus cushion...

So much to do, so little time!

Finally, my usual October plea to any quilters from Vermont who may be able to recommend quilt shops for me to visit in October. No one had been able to recommend any so far so I'm wondering if maybe there aren't any? I'm conscious that Vermont is a relatively small state and maybe everyone crosses state lines to shop? Ah well, more time for the Ben and Jerry's factory tour!

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  1. It sounds like the blocks are fairly complicated, but they look fantastic! Your colors are really rich, and it looks like the basting stitch method works well--your points are perfect!