Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sunday Stash #24

Just a couple of deliveries this week and no purchases! I'm being good in advance of Vermont. It doesn't come naturally...

First up, the rest of the Make Modern block of the month kit appeared.

I seem to be all about the solids at the moment.

Now I've got the fabric I can make the block from last months magazine. Already behind, eek!

Also arriving was the binding and backing to go with.

Both are from Moda's new low volume collection called Modern Background:Ink by Zen Chic. The small print is going to be the binding, the text is going to be the backing.

Finally, my usual October plea to any quilters from Vermont who may be able to recommend quilt shops for me to visit in October. No one had been able to recommend any so far so I'm wondering if maybe there aren't any? I'm conscious that Vermont is a relatively small state and maybe everyone crosses state lines to shop? Ah well, more time for the Ben and Jerry's factory tour!


  1. Great choice of backing and binding fabrics! I reckon a good bet for fabric shopping info for Vermont would be these people, send them a question or ask on their Facebook page. Good luck

  2. Love those solids...and that binding fabric.

  3. I love the backing fabric - great colour.