Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Life in the slow lane: English paper piecing

Although most of my quilts are pieced and quilted on Naomi the Janome, I have hand pieced and quilted before. The hand quilting was a short lived endeavor - I just don't have the patience - but I enjoy the accuracy of hand sewing. In fact my first (and still unfinished!) quilt was an EPP Le Moyne Star made out of satin, polyester and all sorts of inappropriate fabrics. Which is probably why it's still languishing in a box somewhere.

In order to avoid staring at the computer screen at work during lunch hour I've started an EPP project using 2" shapes - hexagons, squares and triangles. I think the pattern is called "Carousel" but I could be wrong. Out of interest, if I'm in England is this just "Paper Piecing"?

The aim is to make a bed quilt which, give me 10 years or so, I might eventually manage. People keep freaking out about the time it will take but I quite like that. Slow and steady wins the race tortoise.

Whilst I'm working from home I've brought it back with me. Here's the strip so far.

Plus one almost complete circle to add.

Next step is to sew in a row of alternating hexagon-square beneath it and then start another full row beneath that. 

The hexagons are (steel?) Crosshatch Sketch by Timeless Treasures and the squares and triangles are Treelicious by Maud Asbury for Blend Fabrics.

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  1. Hi--am reading a lot of your posts as I have just begun to follow you ;--))
    I have done EPP but only hexagons--I like this combo of squares and triangles--looks very pretty
    I have over-used my right foot on my sewing machine presser foot and injured it, so I will be doing some handwork projects for a while....hugs, Julierose