Monday, 3 August 2015

Trans chicken and technicolor milk

First up this week are two blocks from the Lori Holt Farm Girl Vintage sew along project. And they're slightly unusual...

First up - Mama Hen. Now I've not lived there for a while but I'm a country girl at heart and I know a hen when I see one. And that doesn't look like any female chicken I've seen.

When I showed it to my (very gay) housemate he nodded wisely and said "ah yes, missing the wattle but with the comb? It's a mid transition trans chicken." I'm not sure which direction its heading in but it's certainly confused at the moment. But I'm sure we all celebrate it becoming the chicken it was always meant to be. 

Next up is the Milking Day block. Again, the straw-chewing bit of me is frowning at that technicolor milk churn and wondering how hygienic it can be compared to the stainless steel version but I've got to admit that it's cuter! And yes, the Scottie dogs are back floating around in liquids. It's almost a tradition now.

Just a quick reminder that I'm on my migraine detox now and so all blog postings have been prepared in advance. I won't be able to check my blog for at least two weeks so I'll respond to any comments after 17th Auagust.

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