Monday, 1 June 2015

C is for cookie or churn dash or cool threads

Apart from a lot of quilting, I also managed to do the next two blocks in the Lori Holt Farm Girl Vintage quiltalong.

We're still at C in the alphabet so these were "Churn Dash" and "Cool Threads".

I know Church Dash had a few other names including Shoo Fly and  Sherman's March (either of which I guess would have put it in the "S" section!) but we're solidly churning in Farm Girl Vintage. 

Cool threads is basically four spool blocks. Spool blocks seem to be very "in" this season. I've seen them everywhere. 

Lori's version of Cool Threads used a mix of gingham fabrics but my fat quarter bundle from Fat Quarter Shop didn't have any gingham included so I had to improvise. No, that green fabric isn't gingham. It's a sort of check (or plaid I guess).

Something went a bit...squirrelly with one of my spools so the block looks a little slanted. Hopefully a bit of sashing will fix everything. I don't have time to resew!

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