Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sunday Stash #14

Sorry for the long delay between my latest posts but I've been fairly busy at the weekends which is when I usually write my posts. In addition and in all honesty, I've been fairly sick too. I'm hoping that the busyness stops soon but unfortunately the sickness is going to continue for the foreseeable future culminating in August where I'm going to be unable to work (and definitely unable to post) for the month. Ugh. To say I'm not looking forward to August would be an understatement!

I'll write more about the whys and wherefores when I'm feeling less depressed about the whole thing.

The past few weeks have also been marked by a significant lack of purchases! As I do most of my quilt shopping online, when I'm sick and can't use a computer that means no new fabric either. Boo!

In anticipation of my cathedral window class taught by Jo Avery at Simply Solids I bought a meter of Kona midnight.

I love midnight for being such a dark purple/blue that it's almost black but not quite. A very well named colour I think.

Through a cross between origami and sewing, I managed to use about half of the metre and some left over batik scraps from my Craftsy BOM 2014 kit to make this.

Ain't she pretty?! It's eventually going to be a cushion (pillow if you're in the USA) cover.

Sadly I only managed to finish half the project in the class so it's gone on my pile of  UFOs. I make no promises that it won't stay there for a while but maybe I can add it to the list of stuff to sew in August.

Meanwhile I have a commission quilt to finish, some presents to deliver and some ironing to be done so I'm off to be productive.

Happy Sunday sewing (and Happy Fathers Day for all those dads out there).

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  1. Vicki so sorry to hear you've not been well, I hope you had a productive Sunday. Your cathedral windows look stunning, I bet it was a great class.