Friday, 13 February 2015

From quilts to candles

I have two true obsessions - quilting and candles. I do love to have a candle burning in the room (but not too close!) whilst I'm piecing or quilting. It's not often that these passions overlap but I've found a little niche - candle cozies.

For those of you who have ever bought a lovely smelling jar candle but not been able go get it to light or burn properly, you know how frustrating it is. Once melted, a candle will only melt the wax which was previously molten. Any extra unmelted wax around the edges will not melt the second or subsequent time without a lot of persuasion. This is known as tunneling.

Some people wrap socks around the candle to help the unmelted wax heat up; some lay tin foil over the top to keep the heat in and melt the edges. I came up with another idea - candle cozies. Based on Amy Gibson at Stitchery Dickory Dock tutorial for a coffee cozie, they are effectively mini quilts with heat resistant batting which wrap around the candle and keep the heat in.

Aren't they cute?! Look at that perfect wax pool. The wax has melted all the way across to that the candle gives the greatest throw of fragrance and it gives the best value for money.

The one in the photos was a prototype and is a bit rough and ready.  I soon got thr technique perfected.

I've made them with fabric featuring monkeys, beer, camouflage, oranges, flowers, owls and lemons. I think there might even still be some left on the Yankee Addicts website for those who love their candles as much as me!

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