Friday, 13 February 2015

UnHealthy sewing

When we moved into our current house someone (who will remain nameless!) decided that it would be a good idea to install the light shade above Naomi the Janome upside down. Rather than focusing the light downwards onto my work it reflected it back up to the ceiling. Even worse, the cone shape shade collected dust so that when I finally got around to swapping it the right way round in Saturday, I found that the inside was caked in dust. Yuck!

Seeing 2 years worth of dust made me think how much dust, threads and batting fibres I must have been breathing in. My sewing room is tiny and, with the radiator on, it gets so hot I could grow papayas in there. As a result I used to turn the radiator off and keep the window shut but no more! Seeing all the gunk I'll open the window let the fresh air in.

I wonder what else might be bad for me in that little room - I know that my cutting table is too low, as evidenced by my aching back if I cut fabric for a while. My chair doesn't raise to the right height and so I end up hunched over my machine, trying to see around the foot. Come to think of it - my little studio is a death trap!

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