Tuesday, 10 February 2015

(Not) hand sewing the Craftsy BoM 2015

So from last years Craftsy BOM to this years. This awesome block of the month project is designed and narrated by the fabric designer, teacher and pattern designer extraordinaire Jinny Beyer. It was only after reading up about Jinny that I discovered she was the author and designer of several fabrics and patterns that I yearn for (I'm on a fabric diet at the moment after a rather expensive but great trip to Missouri Star last year). Here's Jinny and the quilt as it should look:-

One challenge that I faced about this years project is that Jinny has designed it so that's it's suitable for hand piecing. Ah. Hand sewing is a definite weakness of mine. I have (at least) two english paper piecing projects that have been on the go for years because I'm so slow at hand sewing. But, undeterred I had a go at the first block, very carefully marking my sew lines and point.

Complete disaster. My pieces didn't fit, my 1/4" was more like 5/8" and I was wasting good fabric. So I confess to Jinny and the world (well, the blogosphere anyway) - I've  cheated. I've machine sewed my blocks so far. And they're beautiful. Sorry not sorry.

The ash block from this month was particularly challenging as it had incredibly skinny triangles to match up. I confess I unpicked at least once. But they're still beautiful. Still not sorry.

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