Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday Stash #13

The economy may go into free-fall as I don't think I've bought anything this week. I'm not sure how this happened and it's certainly not through a lack of trying on my part!

So as promised in an earlier week, here's my layer cake drawer.

Plus the overflow drawer which promptly collapsed when I took it out. Sigh, some furniture building on a Sunday morning.

 It does give me a chance to show you what's in the drawer though.

Firstly scrap bags. Solstice. Mid-Winter Reds, Bartholo-meows Reef, Saltwater and others I think.

 A couple of jelly rolls - Lily Ashburys High Street and a Ty Pennington collection.

A fat quarter bundle of This n That by Nancy Halvorsen

And lots and lots of layer cakes. Including Kahuna which I've been trying (and failing) to find more of. I got this on the day that the Missouri Star Quilt Co batik shop opened and they hadn't finished stocking it. All that was available was one layer cake so I snapped it up. I've never seen the collection anywhere since.

Right off to finish some quilting.

Happy Sunday sewing!


  1. My goodness! You win! : ) How nice to have so many things to pick from, and I mean that sincerely. My SIL once told me, "Never apologize for your stash!" I agree. Nice picks.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  2. I think that drawer is trying to tell you something, lol !
    Colleen @