Friday, 3 July 2015

Hitting the wall

I wanted to be able to post about a finished quilt today. I wanted to be able to show you a beautifully pieced and quilted project. I'd even settle for a sewn top at this point. But no. I've hit "the wall".

I've heard about this phenomenon from friends who do EXERCISE (yes, as fat as I'm concerned it deserves capitals). Apparently it's something that you "hit" at a particular point during a long bout of sweaty, painful, blister-inducing exertion. Not that I've ever experienced such a thing. Exercise I mean (see I'm getting better, no capitals this time). Let alone the wall.

But I've hit it with this double pinwheel commission. If I ever see another half or quarter square triangle it'll be too soon.

This is the plan of the finished project. Cute huh?

And this is where I'm currently up to. Not so cute.

The blue triangle blocks are sewn and trimmed. So that's half of the 960 blocks done.

But one half of the red triangle blocks are pressed and the other half aren't even that far along.

Apparently there are only two options for dealing with The Wall - give in or plough on ahead. I've promised myself that I'm going to crack on with this this weekend, if only to stop the moaning (from both me and you who must be bored hearing me moan!). There may be a slight break to piece this month's Moccasin BOM block from GenX Quilters or maybe even the triple scoop block from the FQS Snapshots but no more! I will stay on task, I will! Maybe.


  1. I'm currently quilting a super king sized sampler quilt and have hit the wall with that so I know exactly how you feel. My advice would be to put it away for a week or two and make up something quick and easy in the mean time. You'll be refreshed working on it.

    1. Such good advice. I. Blame our parents for the whole "you must finish what's on your plate before having dessert" mentality. Life's short - eat dessert first!

  2. Love the blue/green combo. It is exactly the tones I was looking at for a new baby quilt yesterday in our local quilt shop. And when I hit a "wall" I usually do a mini of something totally different just to get me back to sewing...good luck this weekend!

    1. Thanks! Give me a shout if you want to know which fabrics they were.