Monday, 6 July 2015

Over the top of the wall

You'll be delighted to hear that progress has been made on the double pinwheel quilt this weekend. No, it's not finished yet (so there's still the potential for more moaning in the future, sorry) but we're getting there.

The quarters have now all been pieced, trimmed and pressed.

I've even started sewing some of the half blocks together.

Following some very good advice from a reader, I made up a test block which revealed a problem. See the centre of the block? The points don't quite match.

The centre seams for the top and bottom halves didn't nest together perfectly because of the thickness of the batik fabrics at that point. As a result I'm pressing the seams for all the other blocks open so that hopefully they'll match perfectly. It's a tiny thing but, multiplied across 120 blocks, it would have bugged me. 

I'm very pleased with both the progress made this weekend and also getting over the wall that I hit with this project. Whose your mommy?! That doesn't sound right...

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