Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sunday Stash #16

This post should be subtitled "WTF?!". It's all about those fabrics that you find at the bottom of your stash and which make you shout "what was I thinking?!".

I should explain (excuse?) that most of these fabrics were bought for a specific project that tied into a retail event. I didn't and wouldn't have gone out of my way to buy them. Well, maybe I would have bought the last one...

First up - fruit. Namely apples, oranges and limes. I should probably be thinking "health" when I see these but all that springs to mind is "margarita" (it's 9am on a Sunday morning - oops).

 I guess I could use these in a scrap quilt - the print is big enough that it'll disappear if the pieces are cut small enough. Unlike the margaritas which disappear much quicker. 

Next up, beer! Yes, beer. I can see a theme emerging here.

 I think I'm going to struggle using this one. Although the colours themselves aren't that bad. Not really suitable for a baby quilt is it?!

Next a couple of fabrics which aren't in of themselves weird prints but represent a type of fabric that annoys the heck out of me - poly cotton blends. 

Stiffer than batiks but without the beautiful depth of colour, these fabrics could almost stand up by themselves without batting or quilting. Heaven knows whether they'll soften with washing but I'm scared to use them in a quilt in case they wash differently to the cottons. Into the scrap bag they go.

Back to funky fabrics, one for the boys here - camo. 

 In fact a whole fat quarter bundle of camo in several different colour palates. And yes, that is purple camo on the top. To add insult to injury, they're poly cotton too. Perhaps I should add this to the beer FQ and make an ultimate stereotypical man quilt?

Finally, one fabric I probably won't kick out of the scrap bag but probably should - monkeys.

 Although weird I can definitely see a use for this in a baby or toddler quilt. Or even in a little outfit or dibble bib. You can stay cheeky monkeys. 


  1. Haha! I love your honesty, we all buy things we probably shouldn't, that flash of inspiration comes from god knows where! I do like those monkeys though... do you make smaller items like purses? Maybe you could use the poly cottons as linings, as you said they're stiff enough to stand up on their own, they would give a purse body.. just a thought.

    1. I must confess I haven't made any purses or bags to date but if it gets rid of those horrors I might start!

  2. I've fabrics like this. My mother buys them from the sales bins for me when ever she finds a fabric shop.I haven 't the heart to tell her not to as she thinks she's doing me a favour. I normally use them for backings or the inside of cushion covers. I can tell her I've used them then

    1. That wonderful moment of "oh really, you shouldn't have. No seriously, you shouldn't have...".