Monday, 20 July 2015

Sewing without looking

I recently saw a t-shirt that said something along the following lines "I live dangerously - I run with scissors!". I had to snigger because I still carry scissors blades pointing down. I'm not a big risk taker.

So it was a bit surprisingly to find that I'd mis-pieced at least three units in block 8 of the GenX Quilters Moccasin block of the month project. I can only assume that i was sewing with my eyes closed when I turned two half square triangles the wrong way. And then sewed a flying goose unit in upside down. I guess I should be grateful nothing was back to front and that I didn't sew over a finger. 

Here's the blocks 

The eagle eyed amongst you will note that the colour scheme doesn't quite match the pattern. I'm going with the excuse that it's a design choice - I wanted the centre star to be more prominent and the block look to be less scrappy. It wasn't that I mis-pieced the pink and blue flying goose units. Nope. Noting of the sort. Ahem.

Note to self - look at what you're sewing in the future. 


  1. I'm always losing bits. I once sewed two units togther with a third so I had double fabric. I spent all day looking for the missing unit before realising what I'd done

    1. Tee hee! I can so see myself doing that! At least you hadn't lost the unit!