Friday, 13 March 2015

Finish it up Fridays

Ah ha! For once, I'm on time for Finish It Up Friday's! Miraculous.

This week I have finished the four twinkle stars from Carol Doak's  Craftsy class. This is the finished quilt

The process for piecing the stars is fairly straight forward and methodical - sew, press, trim, repeat. With four stars to make, there were 32 individual sections to make and then sew together into 16 quarters, 8 halves and finally 4 blocks.

Carol's method of sewing the component parts together requires you to sew each seam at least twice - once to tack it in place and check your points and then a second time to actually sew the seam. If any of your points are off at the tacking stage, you can quickly unpick and retack to fix the problem. In reality I found myself tacking some points numerous times which was time consuming although admittedly not as annoying as having to unpick and resew the whole seam over and over would have been. It did cause me to create a lot of thread waste though as I unpicked numerous seams

Those perfect points came at a price! But they are beautiful. Each of the future stars only appears once so hopefully I won't have the same issue again.

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