Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Being rescued from ineptitude

Most European languages are a lot more creative than English - did you know that the Germans have a word for the feeling you get when you rediscover a beloved childhood toy?

The French have a great phrase "esprit d'escalier" which roughly translates as "the wit of the staircase". You know the moment 5 minutes after an argument when you think of that perfect come back you should have said but didn't think of at the time? That's "esprit d'escalier". I wish I suffered from this. Instead I suffer from "foot in mouth disease" - when I realise 5 mins after an argument what I shouldn't have said...

I do however suffer from "fabric ineptitude" - the moment I realise that I need a fabric is about 5 months after it went out of print. 

Jennifer Sampou's Shimmer is the most recent example of this. 

Could I find a FQ bundle anywhere? Quilter's Studio to the rescue! Hopefully a lovely parcel will be winging its way to me soon. Hurrah! Saved from my own folly! 

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