Saturday, 7 March 2015

Fire stops play

Apologies for the lack of blog today, oh residents of the blogosphere.

In the UK we love our cricket but cricketers are rather sensitive creatures - whilst almost every other sport plays through rain, snow, hail and anything else the English weather can throw at it, cricket stops for most meterological phenomena including rain. "Rain stopped play" is a common phrase heard during the cricket season.

Well, yesterday rain didn't stop play but fire almost did - namely in my car engine! Whilst driving home from work the engine started billowing smoke, which quickly filled the inside of the car too. I pulled over and called for a recovery. Sadly my little baby is pretty sick and with all the fuss of getting her towed to a garage, sorting out the repairs etc. I didn't get a chance to blog.

I normally write my weekday blogs in advance but wing it at the weekends. So a little thing like a fire  can upset my blog system!

Normal service should resume tomorrow...

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