Thursday, 5 March 2015

Windows and skulls - EQ7 the revenge

I've been playing with EQ7 off and on for a while (mainly "off" lets be honest) and I'm slowly getting to grips with all its tips and tricks.

I still need to work out a few things in order to be able to draw up some of the designs I want but, in the meantime, I've managed to figure out a few things.

Firstly, how to convert an image into a quilt. I wanted an image that would be fairly easy to translate into patchwork so started with a rather gothic "Day of the Dead" skull.

It needs a bit of tidying up and I might smooth out some of the smaller elements to make it cleaner. It's s start though.
Then I wanted to try and have a go at designing a block rather than just using the pre-set library ones. I am terrible at art so didn't try anything too challenging, just straight lines.
I ended up with something that, to me anyway, looks like a harlequins outfit.
As a side note, does anyone remember Harlequin chocolates?

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