Monday, 30 March 2015

Gravity...and all things going south

I've chosen to fill my current project gap with Jaybird Quilt's Gravity pattern. This quilt works well as a BOM but, for once, I've bought the whole thing in one go so can piece it whenever I like.

This weekend I put together the first four blocks - constellation and horizon. The pattern has six distinct blocks, each one pieced in two different colourways.

The first block (in green and orange) was horizon.

Yes, those oranges really are that bright! 

The second block (in yellow and purple) was constellation.

The kit comes with three layer cakes and all the fabrics for the first four blocks are in the first layer cake, in colour order. It is very easy to mix the colours up though - some are very similar in tone and shade. I followed Jaybird's suggestion and taped a little snip of each fabric into the book so that, once the pieces were cut, I could ensure I was sewing the right fabric together. 

So far Gravity is coming together nicely. Which is particularly surprising since I have to press my seams open (boo hiss). I love nesting seams; pin matching? Not so much. 

For once I love Gravity; we normally don't get on...

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