Monday, 16 March 2015

Orphan blocks

Whenever anyone mentions the word "orphan", I don't think of Dickens's Oliver or Orphan Annie. Instead I think of this little guy

I'm a classic Tom and Jerry fan (Fred Quimby all the way!). Did you know that the cartoon "The Little Orphan" won an Oscar?!

I always seem to end up with orphan blocks at the end of a project. I don't know whether I miscalculate how many blocks I need or always over-estimate but, in most projects, there are a few bits left over. Sometimes I put them into the backing fabric - handy if it's too narrow -  but often I'm left with them.

Here's a few from my latest projects.

Any suggestions? I hate to waste good fabric!


  1. I make mug rugs, coasters, or table toppers with the extra blocks. I've seen some people make placemats or pot holders. Or you could frame the block and hang it up in your sewing room. Orphan blocks no more!

    1. Good idea! I need some mug rugs and these would be perfect!