Wednesday, 25 March 2015

We the People - bulk buying with complete strangers

I have never been to one of those bulk-buy, mass-catering stores where you can come away with 200 toilet rolls, a bushel of onions and half a cow. Somehow I feel like I'm missing out on a key life experience...

Something I have recently discovered is the joy of Mass Drop.

I had heard about this website from other quilters but had wrongly assumed that you had to be in the USA to use it. Not so! Although there is the usual P&p to pay, it isn't that much more outside the USA and in a lot of cases even when you add your P&p on, your purchase will still be cheaper than in your home country.

I've just bought 200 rainbow wonder clips for $22 (about £14) and 3 yards of fab backing fabric for my Moda Building Blocks quilt for about $30 (about £20).

It is a little odd buying with complete strangers but if there's one thing that can unite a band of disperate (and desperate as my "autocorrect" keeps wanting me to say!) quilters, it's a bargain.

If you haven't had a look, I'd encourage you to do so. The more of us that join, the better the bargains!

I'm now going to stress about the fact that I only have 24 toilet rolls in the house. That's only one gastro-intestinal issue away from disaster!

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