Wednesday, 1 April 2015

And straight on till morning

One of the joys of not being able to watch much television is that I can take my time to enjoy a programme or film. A 24 episode series can last me a good few months. No quick and dirty binge watching for me! So imagine my joy to hear that Netflix in the UK was picking up one of my favourite TV series - Once Upon A Time.

The series will keep me going for some time, as will Carol Doak's stars quilt from Craftsy. I'm steadily working through the blocks. Its a great project for picking up and putting down.

This week's achievement was the Twisted Tulip block.

Easter weekend might bring more of Captain Hook, Snow White and the Starburst block. But probably not at the same time.


  1. Love the quilt block! I love Craftsy! Looks like you are feeling a little better. : )

  2. Very pretty. Visiting from fresh sewing meet.

  3. That's a great block! I really must try paper piecing some time. :)