Tuesday, 21 April 2015

And they called it...the April bloooock

It's (just passed) the 15th of the month so it must be time for another Fat Quarter Shop snapshots block of the month!

This month it's the block I know lots of people have been waiting for - puppy love.

This block is fairly straightforward and has less pieces then some of the earlier ones. I made things go even more quickly by pre marking all of those pieces which needed to be sewn on the line. Then it was just sew, press, repeat.

I confess I'm more of a cat person but I even I am charmed by the sheer unadulterated cuteness of this little one.

No eyes yet - apparently they get added after quilting. Which makes sense as I'd only accidentally quilt over them, break my needle and ruin the buttons. See I'm accurately predicting my own ineptitude now!

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