Saturday, 4 April 2015

Scrappy Saturday?

Yesterday I wrote about the sheer volume of scraps I keep (basically everything!) and how completely unsorted they are (bad girl, bad!).

But there's one project I have ongoing where the scraps beat all others. They are numerous and large. The behemoth of scraps if you like - Moda's Building blocks BOM from Simply Solids.

At the beginning of this project I *think* we were told to save our scraps as we would be reusing FQs from one  month's block in future months. As a result I've been diligently saving every little scrap (well ok, bigger than 1") and using those scraps in future months.

As you can see they're all carefully labelled by colour, except for the whites which are just thrown all together.

It seems however that the Simply Solids team have been awesome and are actually sending us fresh cuts each month. Which means that my scraps pile for this project alone has grown and grown.

Yes, those are FQs of Kona Snow, 14 in all.

Once this project is completed I'm going to decide what to do with my scraps. I could throw them into my general stash but I feel that there's so many, I could tackle another project. Maybe Elizabeth Hartman's Patchwork City?

Two quilts out of one stash? Score.

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