Friday, 17 April 2015


If I had to name things which were built to resist the advance of 21st century technology, I'd put quilting fairly high up the list. Despite the fancy electronic machines, laser cut rulers and pdf patterns, ultimately quilting is still about putting a needle and thread through fabric. That much hasn't changed in hundred of years and I hope it never will.

However over the past few years I have marveled at the wizardry which has danced around the perimeter of sewing - the apps, the computer programmes and the Internet forums. 

One of my favourite apps is from Robert Kaufman and it calculates the size of backing and binding you'll need for a particular project. I could probably do the same calculation with a pencil and paper but now I don't have to! 

I own a copy of Electric Quilt 7 and, whilst I'll freely admit to still learning how to use it, I am already impressed with its ability to convert my rough and ready ideas into beautiful patterns.

Most important to me though are the forums, blogs, Twitter feeds, Instagram accounts and more that link me with other quilters and designers around the world. Being a young(ish) quilter in Europe can sometimes seem very lonely and being able to chat with fellow sewers and seeing their incredible work in North America, Australisa and  beyond is amazing. And all through the wonder of technology.

So until someone designs a robot to do my cutting and piecing for me, I'll stick to Naomi the Janome. But I may well be streaming an Internet country music station to sing along to whilst I sew.  

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