Saturday, 11 April 2015

Seams: open or closed

I'm a seams closed sort of a girl. Particularly when matching points. I like nesting seams - they're neat and accurate. 

I don't like the pin matching issue with trying to match seams that have been pressed open - I worry that my pin isn't straight and the seams are going to be misaligned.

But when you have very small blocks with lots of intersecting seams, pressing seams closed can make for very bulky blocks.

This month's blocks in the Moda Building Blocks quilt are 6" square and, with a mixture of flying geese and HST units, have lots of intersecting seams. 

The block on the right has its seams pressed closed; the one on the left, it's seams pressed open.

Even though I tried nesting seams in the right block, because they were so bulky, it made accuracy very difficult, as you can see, I missed a few points. 

Annoying though it may be, the pin point matching in the left block ended up being more accurate. 

I do hate it when "they" are right! 


  1. I hate doing seams pressed open! Too many steamed fingers! I figure it is a "stronger" with the fabric overlapping. I may have to take your advice though when I start the Moda Modern Blocks quilt. Thanks for tip!

    1. Me too, particularly as I'm having to use my big laundry iron at the moment. Danger Will Robinson! I definitely recommend pressing open for the complicated 6" blocks. Some of them are simple noun to allow closed seams though.