Friday, 8 May 2015

And now we return to our usual programming

After yesterday's disasters, a much better sewing day today.

I finally managed to catch up with the GenX Quilter's Moccasin block of the month by finishing off block 6, a Dresden plate.

The only issue with this block was the (for me anyway) bespoke size of the blades. I have the EZ Quilting Dresden blade ruler which measures blades from 2" upwards in 1/2" increments. The size and angle of each size blade ensures that a certain number of blades makes a full Dresden circle.

However the Moccasin block required blades which were 4" high but the side angles of which corresponded with the 3" template on my ruler. A bit confusing! So I cut my fabric 4" wide, started to cut the blades using the 3" mark on the template until I ran out of ruler at 3" and then manually extended the cuts down to the end of the blade. I guess thus is how the block designers managed to get 20 blades to fit in a 9.5" block. It works!

Ironically, the Ultraviolet blocks of the Gravity quilt from Jaybird Quilts ended up being simpler block of the day, despite having partial seams! This block comes in two colour ways, purple and yellow.

Despite having one partial seam, the blocks came together very quickly. I used Carol Doak's technique of basting matching points with a quick 4" basting stitch first before sewing the seam normally to ensure that the points matched up beautifully. The basting stitch is quick as I only baste the points and pulls out easily once the seam is sewn.

One odd thing about the purple block though- three of the fabrics displayed a weird polarized effect when photographed. The other fabrics seem fine.

I'm sure there's a simple technical explanation for this (Julie at Jaybird says she's had it happen to her with photographs before) but it certainly made the block seem even more out of this world!

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  1. That is a weird effect for sure! You're blocks are really nice - can't wait to see it done!