Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday Stash #12

I'm a bit light on stash purchases this week - probably because I bought so much last week - but I did take delivery of a FQ each of Kona silver and mid grey from Sew Hot.

I can now add the remains of these pieces (minus a few 5" drunkards path pieces) to my ever-growing stash of Kona solids, including Caribbean, Leprechaun, Clover, Sprout, Pansy, Midnight, Mid Grey and...erm... Brown. I think they ran out of fancy names towards the end.

I had a few other quilt associated deliveries this week, all from Massdrop.

Firstly two cones of Aurifil, one in 2024 and one in 2021.

I have to confess that I normally can't tell the difference between these colours (I think they're called "white" and "natural white" respectively) but when they're in cone form I can. Probably because there's so much more thread to see!

I think the natural white (on the right) is a little more creamy then the white (more grey).

I have a cone holder for Naomi from when I FMQ using Isacord cones so I'll start getting in to the habit of threading the cone guides rather than the spool guides.

Finally my Curve Master foot turned up ironically just after I've finished piecing 70 drunkards path blocks. Such is life.

I tried using the pin-less method on a couple of blocks but they always came out misaligned- the "pie" piece always finished a 1/4" short of the "crust" piece. I think this was because (a) my feed dogs are very grabby and (b) my 1/4" foot is quite large so there's a big chunk of plastic between the needle and the front edge. This makes it very difficult to maneuver the two pieces so they alight just before the needle. I suspect a lack of practice also plays a part.

As a result I pinned all but two of my blocks. By the end I didn't need many pins (and didn't get any puckers at all!) but did still need three or four for comfort sake. It actually went a lot quicker then I thought it would.

So, once this project is out of the way I'll try using up my left over pieces by practicing, practicing, practicing!

Linking up with Molli Sparkles' Sunday stash linkup.

Happy Sunday (and Memorial Day and Bank Holiday!) sewing!


  1. My stash this week grew quite a bit. I am taking full advantage of the sale at JoAnn's as well as a 25% off at my local quilt store on patriotic fabrics. My change purse took a little blow!

  2. Massdrop has been ROCKING lately! I'm so jealous of your Aurifil cones. Drooool. I'm curious to hear about the curvemaster foot. How does it help? Great stash additions... I'm visiting from Molli's Sunday Stash.

  3. Massdrop has had a lot of great stuff lately! I haven't been buying (beause the Canadian dollar is low), but it's been hard to resist all that great stuff they've had!

    I bought two cones of Aurifil a while back too... it's super useful for piecing! I just load up five or so bobbins and then go to two. It feels like it's going to last forever and ever though! I've quilted and entire quilt in white plus pieced a couple smaller quilts and it seems not to have made a dent!