Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Perfectly prim and pressed

Next up in the Fat Quarter Shop snapshots BOM was Kindred Kitchen, a 1950s inspired apron. Think Mad Men meets Masterchef.

Like most of the Shapshots blocks, there are a large number of pieces to cut out so this took me some time. Then, as with most of the FQS patterns, the steps alternate between sewing 1/4" seams and sewing on the line. They definitely embrace the flippy corners! Because changing stitch requires me to switch between feet on Naomi the Janome, this also took some time. In fact it took me 3 hours the make the 16" block. I ended up trying to batch sew different steps out of order but which required the same foot to save time.

But it's so pretty! That gorgeous ruffling around the hem, that cute 50s shape! Definitely worth the effort.

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, is it ever pretty! It immediately made me think of aprons I wore as a kid, and that my mum and my aunt and cousins (her daughters) wore! You did a fabulous job!