Saturday, 9 May 2015

Pajamas days

I confess that, six days in to my epic week of sewing, I sort of ran out of steam this morning. I still had lots to do but my "get-up-and-go" sort of "got-up-and-went". Watching the election coverage until the wee hours of the morning didn't help either.

The rest of the morning was spent snuggled up in bed with a coffee and a book. 

I was saved from my sluggishness by the postman with this month's fabrics from Simply Solids and instructions about the next blocks in the Moda Building Blocks block of the month. 

Nice simple 6" blocks this month, although I have noticed that the design inside the pattern sleeve doesn't exactly match the block patterns or Moda's official construction diagram. For instance one block (44?) in the pattern and construction diagram is a blush pink and white bear paw. But in the sleeve design, it's a chevron. The yellow and white churn dash block was previously a much more complicated half square triangle block. 

Obviously Moda changed the design along the way but didn't get around to changing the design inside the sleeve. Either way, it's still a great design!

This month we also finished constructing sections A and C of the design and then sewed together A, B and C completing the top half of the quilt. 

Squee, we're getting closer to finishing! Don't the 6" blocks look tiny next to that mammoth star?!

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