Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sunday Stash #11

I've had such a mad busy week this week that I haven't had a chance to do much sewing.

What I have managed to sew is a secret (although sneaky peak below and on Instagram as I'm terrible at keeping secrets!) and most of this week's stash purchases links to that project.

It's all done in solids (Kona of course) and half way through this week I realised I was missing some key fabrics. So Village HaberdasherySew Hot and Plush Addict to the rescue! Most of our major quilt shops are at Malvern for the quilt show at the moment so I wasn't expecting such a speedy response but the fabric turned up very quickly.

I'm still waiting in a FQ of mid grey and silver but other than that I'm now good to go.

Whilst perusing Plush Addict a 1m bolt end of this medium teal chevron fell into my basket. How did that happen?!

Finally, whilst having an emergency tidy up in the sewing room (nowhere left to store fabric) I stumbled across these fat eighth bundles I'd forgotten I got from Southern Fabric a while ago.

There are four bundles of Amy Butler fabric - Cameo and Lark I think - but they're not labelled so I'm not 100% sure.

There's also a fat eighth bundle of Avant Garden by MoMo for Moda and a bundle of High Street by Lily Ashbury, again for Moda.

The High Street is rather out of my comfort zone, having lots of yellows and oranges but it's such a bright happy collection that I had to.

I love fat eighths as I find FQ bundles really expensive and, unless you're doing a huge quilt, there's loads left over. Not that scraps are a waste!

Finally, the sneaky peek I promised. All together now - one fish, two fish, red fish...


  1. Wow great stash finds, I probably should tidy mine and see what I can find. I've never bought a fat 1/8 bundle I guess they are a fairly new bundle size, FQ bundles are expensive so I have to really like them. When will you open those bundles?

  2. What a lovely collection of goodies! Four bundles of Amy Butler - what a great find, the emergency tidy up certainly well worth it then!

  3. Cleaning out the studio always uncovers something wonderful, doesn't it? I can't wait to see what you make with High Street. The colors are wonderful.