Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sunday Stash #9

Having previous said I have either "feast" or "famine" weeks for fabric, this week is somewhat in between! It's all from Massdrop.

First up, a lovely fat quarter bundle of Vintage Sundaes by The Henley Studio for MakowerUK.

I love the faded powder blues, greys and parchment colouring and the gorgeous object d'art prints (butterflies, keys, clocks). It's ironic that this fabric came from the UK, went to the States and then back again and was still appears to be cheaper then it would have been to buy in the UK. Go figure.

Next up a design roll of Franklin by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit.

I'm normally not a big fan of busy prints (yellow and red plaid anyone?) but I've found that they work very well in small pieces surrounded by neutral solids. I guess everyone else already knew that right?!

Finally some notions, still from Massdrop. I bought a bundle of square up rulers mainly because of the flying geese rulers.

As an added bonus I bought three rolls of Invisigrip grippy stuff to go on the back of my rulers. 

Three rolls might seem a lot (it is) but I suddenly seem to have loads of rulers. I think they're secretly multiplying whilst I'm not in the room! This Omnigrip tape will provide extra friction between the ruler and the fabric, making the ruler much less likely to slip and either miscut the fabric or cut me!

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Have a great sewing Sunday (and a fab Bank Holiday if you're in Great Britain)!


  1. That's quite a haul ! I've been trying to avoid Massdrop... I'm afraid I might like it too much ;)
    Colleen @

  2. With all the different rulers out could you resist! Seems there is always a new one to make quilting easier!

  3. Those rulers look like fun, enjoy!

  4. I may have to check out the Omnigrip tape! I haven't seen that before! Love your fabric bundles! Massdrop is sooooo dangerous! I like it when you purchase so I can see what you will do with it!