Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Down on the farm - bears in syrup

This week I almost got behind in the Farm Girl Vintage sew along. Almost. Four days is more than half a week. Eek!

First up was Canning Season, six little canning jars. Just incase you're confused, that's the one on the right.

In a 6.5" square these cans end up being pretty small - in my case I think they look more like nail polish bottles then canning jars but I'm certain that's just my twisted mind! 

I tried to pick fabric with medium scale prints which would show up in the jars. Four of them are fine but I'm not sure what that little animal (bear? dog?) is doing in the blue jar. He seems to have been preserved. And don't even get me started on the Highland Terriers...

The block on the left is Chicken Foot. I have to confess I had trouble getting this block to lay flat - too many intersecting seams. But putting some weight behind the iron helped. Squish that block! That's my excuse for the amount of chocolate I eat; I need the bulk for pressing blocks. Feel free to steal it.

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