Monday, 11 May 2015

Farm Girl Vintage start

After last week's epic week of sewing I did a stock take and noticed that I'd entirely missed one project - Farm Girl Vintage Friday's! Oops!

I'm already two weeks behind so it was time to crack on.

Although Lori uses Swiss Dots by Riley Blake, I'm using Kona snow as the background fabric because in all honesty I could reconstruct a bolt of this fabric with the stray scraps and yardage I have lying about the place! Waste not, want not! 

First up was Apron Strings, a scrappy variation on snowballed half square triangles. I was a bit surprised that this was the first block; normally you have scrappy blocks at the end of a project to use up your left overs. It seemed odd to cut into FQs just for 1 1/2" squares. But I took my shilling from the  drum so I must obey.

Next was Autumn Star, a very pretty star block which I'll definitely want to make in a larger scale in her future. It also laid surprisingly flat for having so many seams in such a little block!

Finally, the super cute Baby Chick block with its little backstitched eye and legs. I had to be careful not to stitch the eye into the seam allowance as was indicated in the pattern.

 Roll on Friday!

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  1. Love the chick block. I am still debating about join... I already have solo many ufos! Your blocks might just suck me in! Keep up the good work!