Monday, 18 May 2015

Baking and a-churning

Another Friday has passed which means there are two more blocks to do for Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage quiltalong.

With so many BOM projects on the go at once I'm terrified that if I fall behind I'll never catch up! So I had to do these blocks as soon as they were due.

First up was the Baking Day block. Lori's example block used beige for the spoon but I have been given a limited amount of beige in my Fat Quarter Shop bundle. So instead I decided to have a dark orange spoon instead. All good!

The block is fairly straightforward although, with the small spoon face having so many snowballed corners it doesn't want to lay flat! Some aggressive pressing required!

Next up was the Butter Churn block. I love this one particularly with the centre mini pinwheel being so perfectly framed. It's just so...square!

I also love Lori's method of making the flying geese units which I've always wanted to try. The maths is a bit beyond me though - why do we mark a large square only to cut it into four smaller squares? Why not just cut the four small squares to start with? Perhaps it's easier and quicker to mark one large square than four smaller ones.

Notwithstanding the weird arithmetic, the flying geese come out perfectly and with no waste.

I have one small bugbear about the pressing instructions for this block though - the patterns calls for the outside flying geese to be pressed outward which squishes the points of the geese back on themselves. This makes for a very bulky seam, you risk losing the geese points and the block won't lay flat. I think it would have been better to press away from the geese, preserving the points and making the block lay flatter. But that's just my opinion, obvs.

Either way, two more blocks done! Roll on Friday!

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