Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Avoiding basting excuse #1 - the cosmos ate my shoes

Most of the long weekend was spent finishing off the secret project top and then piecing the back. This was my first foray into pattern matching a seam and don't get me started on how complicated it was. But more of that later.

Of course once the top and back were pieced, the next step was basting. I hate basting, particularly when his Highness isn't around. Scrambling around on my hands and knees on the hard conservatory floor isn't my idea of fun. So enter basting-avoidance project #1 - Gravity quilt.

I'm slightly more than half way through this project so there's more to do although not a huge amount more. 

The next block to tackle is Cosmic, a six point star with triangles and diamonds on the ends. It comes in two jewel colour schemes - ruby red and emerald green.

There's quite a few points to match here but, using Carol Doak's technique of using a large basting stitch first, adjusting as necessary and then sewing using a smaller stitch length it came together rather quickly. 

The six colours are more distinct then they seem in the picture but I must confess that I can't tell the difference between a couple of the shades. That's a terrible thing for a woman to confess and may disqualify me from being able to use it as an excuse for buying more shoes in the future. Maybe. 

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